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Use our virtual tour to see how our restaurant looks on the inside. You can even virtually head downstairs into the ancient crypt cellar via the stairs near the entrance.

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Our Crypt can be hired for weddings, functions, Birthdays and special occasions for parties between 20 to 45 people.

Trattoria Rustica is a highly rated and very popular Italian restaurant set in the historic area of Norwich, near the cathedral between Tombland and Elm Hill.

Steeped in history, The present building above ground level was rebuilt in 1575 over the crypt which survived the disastrous fire of the early 16th Century. The vaulted crypt which is now the bar was rediscovered and restored in 1974. It dates back to the Norman invasion of the 11th century they are believed to have been part of the monastic buildings that cover this area of Norwich around the cathedral and St. Andrews hall and said to be the first Inn in Norwich.

We’ve converted our building into a superb venue, rich in character. The decorations have been tastefully done to retain a historic feel.

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