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Covid-19 Update: A personal message to all our customers on our temporary closure and an offer of support.
Temporary Closure

To our loyal customers,

Over 25 years we have incredibly valued the support and the love all of you have shared with us for our food, staff and establishment. At this difficult time for all of us, it is with great sadness that following the government announcement on 20 March 2020 we will temporarily be closing our doors to all of you to help the whole country battle through this current time.

We encourage you all to stay positive and stay safe with your families at home. Enjoy the time you will have to spend all together even through this difficult period.

We will be posting free cooking tutorials on our Instagram page and Facebook to inspire all of you to relax through cooking and to still enjoy Italian food with us but in the safety of your own homes. The head chef will be providing direct suggestions and advice on how to make your pasta still exciting and delicious despite any limitations many of us may have on ingredients and costs. We are determined to still bring happiness to all of our customers and the community through our love of food. Please join us on our social media and encourage others to maintain optimism and positivity by following our recipes at home with us.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all of the doctors and medical staff in the UK, Italy and all around the world battling this virus. To show our support for everything you are doing, if you are working in the Norfolk and Norwich hospital or are struggling to find any staple foods, please give us a call on 01603 621043. We would love to help by providing hot food for our medical staff on the front line and we will ensure this is delivered to you free of charge.

We encourage all of our customers from the young to the elderly to listen to the
government advice to stay at home to limit the spread of the virus and ensure we will come out of this together.

We cannot wait to re-open our doors to you all when the time comes but we miss you all already! Until then, please keep in touch with us online and we would love to hear any suggestions you may have for our videos or any recipes you would like to see in the coming months.

Andra tutto bene! We will all get through this together!

Love from Mario all of the staff at Trattoria Rustica.

Arrividerci e a presto!

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